[b-greek] Vocab & synonyms

From: Mike Arcieri (studium@total.net)
Date: Wed Apr 04 2001 - 17:29:21 EDT

Robert H. Matlack, Jr. wrote:

<P>If you can't find the frequency information you need and cannot generate
<BR>it, I can do it for each chapter as I have done for chapter one in
<BR>attached MS Word file. The Greek font should be embedded and therefore
<BR>readable. I might not get to it until after Easter. Let me know if
<BR>is what you need. The attached list is from the Majority Text. I could
<BR>it for USB4/NA27. It would only take about 45 minutes.
Dear Robert,

<P>Thanks for the file! I am definitely interested, and I will contact
you off list about this.

<P>And thanks Kevin for the info on Custer's book. I have asked someone
else about the <I>synonyms</I>, and he has provided some useful info. I
share the additional sources with the bgreek list, in case others may be
interested... ;-)

<P>Gerhard Heine, <I>Synonymik des neutestamentlichen Griechisch</I>, Leipzig

<P>William Webster, Syntax and Synonyms of the Greek Testament, London,

<P>W. H. Green, <I>Syntax and Synonyms of the Greek NT</I>

<P>G. R. Berry's <I>Interlinear, Appendix</I>

<P>S. Zodhiates,&nbsp;<I> Complete Word Study Dictionary</I>


<P>Mike A.
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