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From: Clwinbery@aol.com
Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 10:59:13 EDT

Ben Crick wrote;
>>>>>>With due respect to Jim: the saying in Matthew 24:28 is about a
 TO PTWMA and vultures /AETOI/. Vultures feed on dead carrion; whereas the
 eagle as in Job 39:27ff (Ne$eR) feeds on live prey. In the LXX there is
 some confusion between AETOS and GUY (gyps fulvus). In the Scriptures the
 Gyps fulvus is commonly designated as an eagle, when it is a vulture or a
 griffon vulture. Eagles do not wait for the prey to die; they take living
 prey. The big cats (lions, tigers etc) cannot eat all their kill at once;
 vultures soon gather and swoop around waiting for the lion to go away
 before they come in to pick over the remains. Hence the proverb.

 Job 39:27 LXX is a case in point. But compare Deuteronomy 14:12ff for a
 comprehensive list of birds of prey.<<<<<<

There is a very interesting comment in Louw & Nida that may be relevant here.

"Only in the Western Hemisphere are there two distinct families of birds: (1)
birds of prey, which also feed upon dead bodies (eagles) and (2) vultures,
which never take live prey, but only feed upon carcasses."

Carlton Winbery
LA. College

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