[b-greek] Re: james 1.1 Jesus described as God?

From: Adrian Warnock (adrian@xtn.org)
Date: Sat Apr 07 2001 - 05:07:42 EDT

> James 1.1
> 1 jIavkwbo" theou` kai; kurivou jIhsou` Cristou` dou`lo" tai`" dwvdeka
> fulai`" tai`" ejn th`/ diaspora`/ caivrein
> As the name we translate James here is nomitive and is followed by a
> of genitive nouns with kai after the first one, how do we tell wether
> meant to describe himself as a servant of both God and Jesus or of Jesus
> is both his God and lord? I would love to see examples of this kind of
> construction elsewhere in the scriptures but am struggling to suss out how
> to get my sparkling new LLS to search for other examples of a string of
> genitve nouns- any help on the subsequent question gladly received off
> at adrian@xtn.org

Adrian Warnock
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