[b-greek] 1 Corinthians 2:13 PNEUMATIKOS vs. PNEUMATIKA

From: Joe Devine (jdevine@familyconnect.com)
Date: Tue Apr 10 2001 - 17:12:35 EDT

I have a question regarding the apparent differentiation between the two
forms of PNEUMATIKOS in this verse. It seems that, in the context of
Paul's discourse on how mankind gets spiritual wisdom, he refers to some
differentiation between PNEUMATIKOS and PNEUMATIKA. (Otherwise, why would
he use the mechanistic term SUGKRINW to link the two?) Apparently he uses
the picture of SUGKRINONTES (SUG- with KRINONTES) as the relationship
between the two, explaining how God effects communication of spiritual
truths to mankind. The whole of the two appear very mechanistic an
analogy would be two gears enmeshed together with the source & force of
energy/content coming from one, being transferred thru the other.


1. Does this initial interpretation do justice to the Greek text or not?
2. What sort of usage does PNUEMATIKA have in Greek lit. & what, if any,
differentiation does it have with PNEUMATIKOS?
3. Does the neuter form imply a more "nebulous" form of communication
than the masc.? (If so, then could these terms possibly be analogous to
"intuition" & "intellect" respectively?)
4. Is there a correlation to LOGOS & hREMA? (LOGOS being the clearly
enumerated word residing in the intellect (or physical senses); hREMA
being the intuitive initial communication of God's word to man, Spirit to
spirit, that MUST find its final form in language; i.e., LOGOS? [The Holy
Spirit is most definitely the translating Agent as stated in the previous
phrase & by our Lord when He said, "He will guide you into all truth."]

My main concern is if there is any historical evidence of the usage of
PNEUMATIKA in ancient Greek & how it was used together with PNEUMATIKOS.
Thank you for your responses.

Joe Divine

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as required by the faq. Carlton Winbery


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