[b-greek] Re: PARQENOS and Is 7:14

From: RHutchin@aol.com
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 08:02:39 EDT

Roger wrote--
My personal exegetical opinion is that an almah is a young girl that one might want to pursue for marriage and the related term, bethulah, is used when one wants to make the point that a young girl is not a harlot.

Dave Washburn replied--
 Um, in that culture, wouldn't a "young girl that one might want to pursue for marriage" be assumed to be a virgin?

I agree. There is the assumption of virginity. However, does the term convey the certainty of virginity? On this point, the articles I have read all seem to waffle. Almah may imply virginity but it does not guarantee it.

So, let's charge Mr. Washburn with the task of translating Is 7:14 into Greek. Further, let's require that he do so in a way that conveys the idea that the virginity of the almah is a certainty and not just to be assumed. How would he translate Is 7:14? Would he consider the text in Matthew sufficient to accomplish this purpose or would he think that a different translation is required ?

Roger Hutchinson


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