[b-greek] Bible Translation Dissertation

From: kgs (kgs@iafrica.com)
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 12:01:13 EDT

Hello again,

It is good to be back on the B-Greek mailing list. I had to withdraw while
completing my doctoral dissertation because I just couldn't keep up with the
number of messages.

I would like to thank list members for the grammatical help I received while
writing my diss. My diss., entitled "Bible Translation and Relevance Theory:
The Translation of Titus," was completed and passed by the University of
Stellenbosch in December last year. At my promoters' recommendation I intend
to try to have it published. In the meantime, if there is anyone on this
list who would like an electronic copy in MS Word format, please email me
off-list. To Wayne Leman, who I know runs a translation list, please feel
free to extend the same invitation to anyone working in the field of
translation that might be interested in this subject.

Finally, since my research was inspired by Dr Ernst-August Gutt's work, I
would like to make arrangements to send him a copy. Could anyone forward me
his email address (I had it, but I have lost it).

Thanks a million for all your help,

Kevin Smith
Port Elizabeth
South Africa

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