[b-greek] Just a Thank-you

From: NJTacon@aol.com
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 19:53:36 EDT

<HTML><FONT FACE=arial,helvetica><FONT SIZE=2>I just wanted to drop a line to all of you whom are on this list, and
<BR>responded so promtly to my submission.
<BR>Thank you, thank you, thank you.
<BR>I am not a greek scholoar, or really much of one at all. I was mearly doing a
<BR>bit of research for a friend and just happend to find you all. I had begun to
<BR>get a little worried when I got the welcome e-mail which stated that there
<BR>was a standard for writing posts, and that mine must be approved before it
<BR>would be posted. However, I was pleasantly surprised when there were close to
<BR>nine or ten very helpful, and simply put responses already in my e-mail box.
<BR>This is a very good list and I wish you all the greatest luck in your studies.
<BR>Amber Dawn Laws
<BR>PS I am keeping my subscription up, just for the sheer intrest inherient in
<BR>all the posts. :)</FONT>
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