[b-greek] enquiry about lists of characteristic readings

From: William R. Bulow (bill.bulow@hdss.com)
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 17:22:58 EDT

I'm wondering if there is published a list of places, by chapter and
verse, where the variants are clearly representative of respective texts.
I have read discussions of documents characterizing them as
proportionately so much this and so much that text, so someone must have
compiled such a list for their work...
I'd also be interested in opinions and advice about using such a list:
The texts are apparently a matter of gradual development, so I suppose
some readings must be more "Western" or whatever than others, either
earlier or later. So can we tell just HOW "Western," or whatever a text
is? What else can we tell? Can this idea be carried too far, and if so
what false impression could one get?

William R. Bulow [new list-members please take note: B-Greek
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