[b-greek] Re: NT Greek on-line/CD-ROM Audio Course

From: Michael Haggett (michaelhaggett@lineone.net)
Date: Sat Apr 21 2001 - 05:55:54 EDT

Kimmo Huovila wrote (21 April):
>What pronunciation system do you use?

Of course I could answer in writing, but the best thing about an on-line
AUDIO course is that you can hear for yourselves ;-)

Go to this page:

or the mirror at

Many of you will already have RealPlayer (or an alternative such as AOL's
player) installed, but if not you can download it for free (make sure you
get the FREE version). Details are on my Welcome Page (click on the mss icon
in the top left corner to go to the Site Map, and click it again to go to
the Welcome Page).

Michael Haggett

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