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From: John Lupia (jlupia2@excite.com)
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 17:14:04 EDT

John N. Lupia
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In Response to Jack Kilmon's posting re: Magdalene Papyrus.

I am new to the List so my response to Mr. Keith Thompson, which was my
first posting, will probably be posted far after that of Jack Kilmon's.

This is my second posting. So, it should be posted even later.

I was very pleased to see that Jack Kilmon gave a rather full response to
Mr. Thompson's reply, compared to mine which is paucit. I would like to
respond to one thing Dr. Kilmon said regarding Carsten Peter Theide's
thesis. I concur that the book co-authored with Matthew D'Ancona,
Eyewitness to Jesus (NY, Doubleday, 1996) was rather like a National
Enquirer brand of scholarship. However, to be fair I must state that Dr.
Theide is a rather brilliant papyrologist. It was most unfortunate that
Doubleday chose to market the book to a broad unspecialized readership and
caused it under the editorial direction of Mark Fretz to be written the way
it was. I did not check with Publisher's Weekly to see how the book did
commercially. Doubleday has continued to have problems with scholarly works
in efforts to release them to a mass audience as popular schorship. I can
well appreciate where Eric Major, VP of Religion for Doubleday is coming
from with this approach since they must show profits to their board of
directors and stockholders. Personally, I hope everybody made money on the
Eyewitness to Jesus. To Dr. Theide's credit is a publication record that
redeems him from the arena of National Enquirer scholars. Among his other
writings are: Il pił antico manoscritto dei vangeli? Il frammento di Marco
di Qumran e gli inizi della tradizione scritta del Nuovo Testamento
(Subsidia Biblica: Editrice Pontificio Istituto Biblico, Rome, 1987) In
this monograph he reevaluates 7Q5 as Mc 6,52-53. The controversy is not so
much over the authentic reading as to the consequences this would have on
dating the Gospels about 30 years earlier than most mainstream scholars
would like them to be. However, the dating issue goes back to bishop,
J.A.T. Robinson, Redating the New Testament. I will say that Dr. Theide is
engaging in cutting edge research which is almost always controversial. I
commend him for his brilliant research and his efforts to communicate new
theories. I am also sure that Dr. Kilmon, whom I also find a very bright
and well informed private scholar, had not intended to belittle Dr. Theide
nor his research.



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