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From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 07:09:54 EDT

At 12:35 AM -0400 4/25/01, John Wilking wrote:
>I was attempting to do a semantic range of PARARREW some time back. I never
>finished it, naturally, but I was left with two questions. The first
>concerns a supposed use of PARARREW in Plutarch's Moralia 754A. I think
>this is the place where he speaks of a ring "slipping" from a finger. Isn't
>he using the verb PERIRREW? Second, I couldn't find a clear instance of the
>verb meaning drift, of water flowing, but not of something drifting.
>Anybody know of one?

Sorry, I can't find an internet Greek text except for the Parallel Lives,
but i suppose you've seen the range of metaphorical usage indicated by the
LSj definition at the Perseus site:

pararreô , aor. -erruên (v. infr.) : pf. -erruêka (v. infr.) :--flow
beside, by, or past, tên Ninon Hdt.2.150 ; tas Plataias Str.9.2.31 ; para
polin Hdt.6.20 , etc. : abs., Hp.Aër.6 : prov., hudôr pararreei, of those
who promise to spare no effort, Cratin.60, cf. Lib.Ep.109.2.
II. slip off or out, ei ti moi toxôn . . parerruêken S.Ph.653 ; hotôi mê
parar rueiê [hê chiôn] whom it did not slip off, X.An.4.4.11 : metaph.,
polla humin parerrei many points escaped you, Pl.Lg.781a ; philosophian kai
rhêtorikên parerruêkuias having disappeared from memory, Gp.Prooem. 4 .
2. of persons, p. tôn phrenôn slip away from one's senses, Eup.357.6 ;
also, to be careless, neglect advice, etc., huie mê pararruêis LXXPr.3.21 ;
mêpote pararruômen Ep.Hebr.2.1 .
III. run off, Arist.Pr.866a9 ; p. para (v.l. pros) tên artêrian slip into
the windpipe, Id.PA664b29.
2. slip in unawares or by stealth, logoi parerruêkasi pros hêmas pseudeis
D.13.16 ; pararrueis anthrôpos eis ton [p. 1323] neôn Plu.2.969e ; hothen
parerruêken ho toioutos logos Theon Prog.6 ; ei ti en tôi tês poiêseôs
dromôi pararruen lathêi any irregularity which slips in, Luc.Hes.5.
IV. phônai sathrai kai parerruêkuiai cracked and unsteady, Arist.Aud.804a32.

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