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From: Jack Kilmon (jkilmon@historian.net)
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 22:13:31 EDT

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In Response to Mr. Jack Kilmon:

You said:
> >Roberts also published on P67 (Barcelona), 2 fragments containing
> >of
> >Mt 3 and 5 from the same scribe and codex. Another portion of this same
> >codex is P4 in
> >Paris, also obtained in Luxor.

>Let me begin my response by providing a little background to the

>A curious find occurred when in 1889 during an excavation at Koptos, modern
>Quft in Upper Egypt, Pere Vincent Scheil discovered a papyrus codex of
>Judaeus dating to the third century. However, in the leather binding the
>padding was found to consist of papyrus fragments from an older roll.
>turned out to be from Luke's Gospel, and obviously predate the codex by at
>least a century. See P. Vincent Scheil, "Archéologie, Varia," RB 1 (1892):

>First, you said P4 was discovered at Luxor. A very serious blunder and
>impossible to reconcile with your clever insinuation that you actually
>personally physically examined under microscope P4 at Paris, nonetheless
>at Oxford and P67 at Barcelona.

John, I am not going to continue your pedantic silliness in attempting to
Thiede's position on the Magdalen papyri. Coptos/Qift is near enough
to Luxor (just around the river bend) to be more than a coincidence
and I did not say I examined the actual papyri...they are available
in photos, sufficient for palaeographic examination.

If you don't want to accept P4 as part of the same codex as P64 and P67,
so be it..I do...all from the mid SECOND century. I still say "Eyewitness
to Jesus" is tabloid scholarship and I will bet the barley farm that most
papyrologists and NT scholars agree.

End of discussion.


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