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Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 21:21:52 EDT

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>Response to Mr. Miller:
>I recommend you contact the Jerusalem School who publish both the Jerusalem
>Perspective and Jerusalem Pipline all available online on their website.
>The founder Robert Lisle Lindsey wrote: A Hebrew Translation of the Gospel
>of Mark (Jerusalem) proposed some interesting points regarding first century
>Hebrew. See also David Flusser, Jesus (Jerusalem, 1998) who also gives
>great insights into this question.

I was thinking that Bob Lindsey's book was concerning the Hebrew translation
of Luke. I know that his thesis was that Luke was the first of the Synoptics
written primarily because, he claimed, it was the easiest to translate into
Hebrew and was much closer to the Aramaic spoken in the early church. I
recall Bob, a SBC Missionary to Israel, eating lunch in Tiberius (St. Peter's
fish) with my group from NOBTS and answering questions about his thesis. I
was unconvinced by the thesis, but enjoyed very much the company of Bob. He
was quite fluent in modern Hebrew.

Carlton Winbery
LA College

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