[b-greek] Re: Jesus' speaking Hebrew

From: Joseph A. Weaks (j.weaks@student.tcu.edu)
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 00:01:53 EDT

At 18:37 -0700 4/25/01, John Lupia wrote:
>This thesis
>first published in the Hebrew translation of Mark (I believe was c. 1965, no
>date is given in the colophon of my copy) and a mature version was published
>in Mishkan 17-18 (2/1993) 87-113.

My copy of Lindsey's book, which was purchased for me at the
Baptist/Evangelical church bookstore there in Jerusalem by one of his
'descendants', Joseph Frankovic, is the second edition of 1973. It
says the first edition is 1969.

Rev. Joseph A. Weaks
Pastor, Bethany Christian Church, Dallas
Ph.D. Student, Brite Divinity School

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