[b-greek] Original NT apology

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Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 13:23:10 EDT

In Response to Keith Thompson:

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Subject: [b-greek] Original NT in Greek?

Thanks for the information about Matthew 16:18, and quickly (before
this whole discussion gets cancelled) what is the other 'word play'
somewhere in John 21?
It seems my question about the supposed first century fragment (and its
possibility of being the original) has caused a bit of disagreement. I'm
sorry if I've started an argument!

Keith Thompson (Manchester, UK)

Keith Thompson

Dear Mr. Thompson:

You have nothing to be sorry about. I do. Two wrongs never make a right.
Public polemic is always bad form. Lack of personal composure evidences
one's immaturity and great human frailty. Lacking kindness and charity
toward one's neighbor is never justifiable under any circumstance. I ask
the List, the Chairs, and Owner to forgive my poor display. Especially, I
ask Dr. Jack Kilmon to forgive my lack of sensitivity and in excercising
poor judgment in making public display. I also ask pardon for any
embarrassment or scandal I have caused anyone. Forgive my very bad example
and complete failure to witness the light of Christ.

Peace in Christ to all,

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