[b-greek] Re: Petros rabbinic citations

From: Trevor Peterson (speederson@erols.com)
Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 10:25:21 EDT

Thanks for the citation. It is interesting, no doubt. I'm wondering
about one thing, though. If your reconstruction of 1st c. Koine
pronunciation is correct, do you think the yod in the first syllable of
the Mish. Heb. form of PETRA would indicate a later borrowing? I would
expect the yod to indicate an eta or iota in the 1st c., not an epsilon.
Am I mistaken on the long-vowel connection of the mater, the Greek
pronunciation, or the whole ball of wax?

Trevor Peterson

> Trevor Peterson katav/egrapsen
> >I don't recall offhand (and don't have a copy with me to check) =
> >what it does with Peter's rock, but I would assume it makes =
> >no distinction there either.
> >
> >Randall, would you happen to have the actual rabbinic citation? I'd be
> >curious to see how it's used.
> Cf: Mt 16 and 'rock' wordplay, =
> well, what would you think if it said:
> When the Holy-One-Blessed-Be-He saw Abraham who was going to stand--He sa=
> id
> Wow, I've found a petra to build on it (fem.) and to lay the foundation f=
> or
> the world. Therefore he called Abraham "Tsur" (Rock[large]), as it is
> written: "Look to the Tsur from which you've been hewn."[Is 51.1]
> (Yalkut Shimoni, Numbers 23 [&tav-shin-samex-vav]) See also Sifre, to
> parashat Haazinu [&shin-yud-tet].
> Or the name: Rabbi Yosi ben Petra (Yalkut Shimoni Genesis 25 [&quf-yud])
> Sure, the dating is "anonymous", possibly quite late, but it's still quit=
> e
> a quote. Just knowing that canoncial Isaiah used a ROCK-wordplay with
> Abraham and that petra entered Mishnaic Hebrew is enough to provide for
> more than a little surmising.
> Shabbat Shalom,
> Randall Buth
> Jerusalem

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