[b-greek] Re: OIKOS vs OIKIA

From: Noel & Mary Fitzpatrick (njfitzpatrick@eircom.net)
Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 16:14:55 EDT

I read with interest the posting of James Gehman on 'Oikos and
House Churches' and some time ago I was at a lecture on
'Christianity and the Roman Empire as Household-Writ-Large',
during which there were many references to OIKOS but not one to
OIKIA. I note that OIKOS is used 114 times in the NT and OIKIA 93
times and in our own B-GREEK archives there are 6 messages
referring to OIKOS and only two to OIKIA.

In Louw-Nida among the meanings of both are 'house, family,
property'. Similarly in BDAG both are considered as the structure
used as a dwelling (house) and the social unit within a dwelling
(family). However more extensive information is included for
OIKOS, such as a whole clan (descendants) and the house and
what is in it (property).

Do both OIKOS and OIKIA mean the same? Are there subtle
differences? Is the use of either more appropriate in certain


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