[b-greek] Re: Complete Lexicon

From: Jamie Macleod (bubamacleod@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 16:24:12 EDT

Sorry, I may not have been clear enough with my last post.

I am a programmer working on a biblical Greek lexicon/flash card program
for the Palm Personal organizer. I have created a database for my
program, which has all words with a frequency of at least 10 in the NT. I
would also like to provide a complete database with all words that occur
in the NT. I am basically looking for a text file or database which
contains the Greek word with accents, definition, word type and NT
frequency (format is not a big deal). The information would look
something like below, but with Greek accents rather than transliteration.

"ABRAAM, hO","Abraham","Noun","73"
"AGAQOS, -H, -ON","good, useful","Adjective","102"
"AGALLIAW”,"I exult","Verb","11"

The online lexicons are no good because you need to search each word
individually. This would take me for ever to create a database. Thank

Jamie Macleod
bubamacleod@yahoo.com or southpaw@cadvision.com

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