[b-greek] Re: LXX and Apocrypha

From: Clwinbery@aol.com
Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 08:52:23 EDT

Tony Costa wrote;

>>>>>>>Dear Friends,

  I had a question regarding the LXX and the Apocrypha. Was the Apocrypha
always part of the LXX? The NT quotes from the LXX, but it never quotes from
any of the books of the Apocrypha. References to events in the Apocrypha are
alluded to in Heb 11:35 and Heb 11:37 seems to be referring to the
martyrdom of Isaiah being sawed in half as recorded in the pseudepigraphical
writing, the Ascension of Isaiah. Jude also alludes to pseudepigraphical
texts in Jude 9,14-15.
   Did the LXX of the first century C.E. contain the Apocrypha? To my
knowledge, the earliest MSS so far found that include the Apocrypha date
from the fourth century C.E. Any comments would be appreciated. Many

Tony, this is a very interesting and important question but I'm afraid that
it is a bit far afield for b-greek. I suggest that you take it over to the
Textual Criticism list. Some good material on it can be found in the New
Oxford Annotated Bible at the point of the introduction to the Apocrypha. It
has a thumbnail sketch of the history. The Interpreter's Dictionary of the
Bible also has good articles as well as the books on the canon.

This would be a good discussion but not on b-greek. Please.

Carlton Winbery
Louisiana College


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