[b-greek] Joh 3,3

From: John Lupia (jlupia2@excite.com)
Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 12:00:46 EDT

John N. Lupia
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Re: John 3:3-5

Dr. Carl W. Conrad wrote:

>(a) The Greek simply says EX hUDATOS, "from water": which is to say: the
>Greek gives no clue as to how one is to understand what we clearly
>understand the Greek to mean by "from water" (or "out of water").

I would like to point out that rhetorical figures are extensions of the
rules of grammar in their practice and application. I would like to
suggest, if I may, that in many cases grammatical analysis alone of NT Greek
is sterile and artificial removing it from the rhetorical rules of
construction. Both grammatical and rhetorical analysis go hand in hand. In
this case, IMHO, the rhetorical figure is "Metaphor" in which an analogy is
drawn between the water of the womb and the water of baptism.

Peace in Christ,

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