[b-greek] Re: John 3:3-5 (was Re: Eph 5:31)

From: Alan B. Thomas (a_b_thomas@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 15:24:44 EDT

I hope it is not inappropriate to suggest the
following concerning this statement:

> (b) The repeated verb (GENNHQHi subj. 3d sg. in 3;
> GENNHQHNAI (2x) inf. in
> 4; GENNHQHi subj. 3d sg. in 5) is in every instance
> aorist, but the
> reference of the aorist is not to time... <snip>

I certainly am not in disagreement with this
statement, but I would hate for someone to walk away
from this comment and conclude that the "aorist is not
to time..." (without understanding the context in
which it was written).

I would add that THESE PARTICULAR AORISTS are "not to
time" because they are either in the Subjunctive Mood
or used as an Infinitive. The "no time" aspect, as
others would contend, is related to the Subjunctive
and Infinitive usages, not to the Aorist tense.

I bring this up only so that this inquirer may not
take from this discussion that ALL Aorists are "not to
time," in the sense that that is a grammatical rule. I
would even hasten to add that I am not trying to imply
that that is what Carl meant by his comment.


Alan B. Thomas

"There may be no way out, but there
is always a way up."

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