[b-greek] Re: John 3:3-5 (was Re: Eph 5:31)

From: Eric Weiss (eweiss@gte.net)
Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 00:43:48 EDT

D.A. Carson has a short discussion of exegetical issues related to this
phrase in his book EXEGETICAL FALLACIES (pp. 41-42 in the first edition
of the book -- look in the index of the second edition to see where John
3:5 is discussed; use your question as a reason to buy the book if you
don't already have it, as it's worthwhile reading). He cites his former
student's thesis -- Linda L. Belleville's "'Born of Water and Spirit'"
John 3:5," Trinity Journal 1 (1980): 125-40 -- as convincing him of the
proper interpretation of the verse, and says her work will stand up to
close scrutiny.

Eric S. Weiss

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