[b-greek] Re: Gal. 3:24

From: Michael Haggett (michaelhaggett@lineone.net)
Date: Sun May 13 2001 - 13:07:13 EDT


I am not only clear, but also "agreeable-with" what you just clarified. I
had no problem with your longer post. I took issue with what you
subsequently wrote in response to Mark:

MW>In other words, there does not appear to be any element of "potential" in
your take of this verse.

CWC>You are quite right. I don't see any element of "potential" there.

This seemed to rule out any possibility of the verse being understood in any
other way. However, now that you've allowed that the grammar COULD be
understood another way, whatever argument we might have moves on to which
interpretation is the more probable ... and probably beyond the basic
criteria for discussion on-list.


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