[b-greek] Learning Greek

From: Ryan Green (rgreen@companet.net)
Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 03:44:32 EDT


I have a strong interest in learning to read and write (and possibly
speak, though that is personally less important) New Testament Greek. I
am new to the list, and at the time I am writing this, the search engine
for the archives is inoperable. As such, I'm hoping someone wouldn't mind
directing me to some good study materials.

It is my understanding that Biblical Greek was written without accents or
breathing marks, punctuation or capitalization, and I would therefore find
a tutorial that took this into account to be a tremendous help.

My thanks in advance,
- Ryan [Green: new list-members please take note: a FULL-name
signature is required by list protocol to be appended to all messages
sent to the list. Moderator]

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