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> << I know that hH ARCH is translated as the Beginning in many translations
> but couldn't this word also be translated as, "the Origin"?
> Harry W. Jones >>
> Harry, Greg, and all.....
> Origin as a synonym can apply to persons and things, indicating the
> often remote place and time when something began [The American Heritage
> Dictionary], however if this is the meaning that was meant to garnered
> in Rev. 3:14; it would seem to me that it would be referring to what kind
> someone this One was, that is, what would be one of the characteristics of
> Him. If this were the case, wouldn't we expect to see ARCHS which is the
> genitive describing " kind of ", " that which characterizes " ? Instead,
> have here ARCH, which is the nominative; making ARCH the subject of this
> part of the verse. This verse and this whole message to the Laodicean
> EKKLESIAS is concerned with relationship, condition, and situation as
> related to this ARCH. A basic meaning of ARCH is primary one; that
> is...Ruler, the One with whom we have to do. Just like we could say
> was ARCH pertaining to Athens in the mid 5th century B.C.
> As someone has mentioned on this list in the past, the context will
> us to which meaning we should refer to that can be indicated by a
> word. Since creation, or beginnings and such " doctrines " are clearly not
> the subject at hand in Revelation 3, I think it is compelling that we take
> ARCH here to mean ruler, authority, leading one...the One with whom we
> to do as it were. This meaning fits the context in that it has to do with
> relationship, don't you think ?
> Another compelling factor is that ARCH is given qualification by the
> genitive THS KTISEWS which in turn is given qualification by TOU QEOU. The
> ARCH here is characterized by THS KTISEWS; that which He has organized and
> founded..." the Laodicean EKKLESIA....which is in turn given the
> characterization of God Himself. Two examples that this is reality is when
> The Lord confronted Paul on the road to Damascus He informed Paul that
> Paul persecuted the church, he was in reality persecuting Him. That's
> because He is hH ARCH THS KTISEWS. The KTISEWS is composed of ones who are
> born of God and are the children of God...hence THS KTISEWS TOU QEOU.
> Relationship, condition, and situation is what defines ARCH in Revelation
> 3:14. Ruler...not origin ; it seems to me. Context again points to what
> Greek is actually saying and can be understood to mean here.
> Virgil Newkirk
> Salt Lake City, Utah

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