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Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 14:11:04 EDT

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<< > As someone has mentioned on this list in the past, the context will
> us to which meaning we should refer to that can be indicated by a
> word. Since creation, or beginnings and such " doctrines " are clearly not
> the subject at hand in Revelation 3, I think it is compelling that we take
> ARCH here to mean ruler, authority, leading one...the One with whom we
> to do as it were. This meaning fits the context in that it has to do with
> relationship, don't you think ? >>

Dear Virgil, et al:

This issue was discussed in the archived discussion of a few months back.
There it was noted that when ARCH is used for "ruler" in the NT then it is
always accompanied by terms denoting "power," or "authority," neither of
which are present here.

Additionally, ARCWN is the common word for "ruler" in the NT, and, in fact,
John uses it in Revelation 1:5, ARCWN TWN BASILEWS THS GHS. Had "ruler" been
intended in 3:14 then either John or his translator could have simply used

Elsewhere in Revelation ARCH always means beginning. There does not seem to
be any grammatical or semantic reason for preferring "ruler" over "beginning"
in Revelation 3:14.

Best regards,

Greg Stafford

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