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Date: Wed May 16 2001 - 00:39:33 EDT

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<< > It would seem to me that what is suggested in the first paragraph
> [ when ARCH is used for "ruler" in the NT then it is
> always accompanied by terms denoting "power," or "authority," neither of
> which are present here. ], is limiting the possible meaning of ARCH
> according to a concept of " well it's mostly used this way so that's what
> have to apply everytime "; now I'm just a beginner, however, surely this
> not the way possible meanings are determined. If that were so, then what
> pointed out in the second paragraph would require that where rulers are
> spoken of we would expect to find ARCHON...wouldn't we ?
> >>

Dear Virgil:

If the broader (NT) and immediate (Revelation) source document limits it in
this way and has another term that is used in the same immediate source under
consideration (Revelation) with a meaning consistent with that which you
offer (namely, "ruler," as in ARCWN in 1:5), then why would we seek to look
at ARCH just a few thoughts later with any meaning other than the one that is
given to it elsewhere in the aforementioned immediate and broader source

There seems to be some other motivation for trying to go beyond the common NT
usage for ARCH with a following genitive expression (and has it occurred to
you that perhaps the use of ARCH with DYNAMIS and/or EXOUSIA when it means
"ruler" is purposeful?), the predominate use of ARCH itself in the immediate
and broader source documents, and the fact that the author/translator of the
same immediate source document (Revelation) chose a different term for
"ruler" just a few thoughts previously (1:5) when describing the same

For my part, I will hang my hat on the grammatical and semantic strength of,
"the beginning of God's creation."

Best regards,

Greg Stafford

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