[b-greek] Luke 4:33, 35

From: Kenneth Litwak (javajedi2@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed May 16 2001 - 00:55:39 EDT

    I have two questions. In Luke 4:33, we read that
there was a man with
pneuma daimoniou akaqartou
I'm trying to decide what kind of genitive this is.
It could mean "a spirit of an unclean demon," that is,
a spirit came from an unclean demon (leaving the demon
wiht no spirit??), or it could mean, "a spirit of the
type "unclean demon." Or, maybe it is partitive, "a
spirit, an uclean demon one." How can we best decide?

   In 4:35 we read

kai ripsan auton to daimonion eij to meson evxh/lqen
ap' autou mhden blapsan auton

Are we to take this to mean that "having thrown him
into the midst, the demon came out, not having hurt
him at all," or"having thrown him the demon in the
midst (of the man) came out not having hurt him at
all"? Why?


Ken Litwak

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