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From: Steve Puluka (spuluka@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed May 16 2001 - 22:23:11 EDT

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> Anyway, I've got a little problem with 3:21...
> and particularly the word ANTITUPOS/ANTITUPON.
> In one of my lexicons it's listed as an adjective, and in another TO
> ANTITUPON is also listed as a noun. I know TUPOS is a 'type' or
> 'likeness', but what is ANTITUPOS/ANTITUPON?

ANTITUPOS and TUPOS are concepts from early Greek philosophy that are used
in many other writings, including Christian. The ANTITUPOS is the PRAGMATA
(realities) while the TUPOS is the (SKIA) shadow. Think of a wax seal on a
letter. The seal on the letter is the TUPOS while the seal that you held in
your hand to press into the wax is the ANTITUPOS.

In Platonic philosophy the real objects cast the shadows on the wall of the
cave. Humanity is living in the world of the shadows. In Christian thought
the Patristic school in Antioch was the champions of typological exegesis.
See Stylianopoulos, The New Testament: An Orthodox Perspective, for more

In this passage from 1 Peter Noah's ark is the TUPOS and Christian Baptism
is the ANTITUPOS. The Old Testament passage is a shadow of what we receive
in the new.

Steve Puluka
Cantor Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic Church

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