[b-greek] me and stephen (ooops! sorry maurice, Stephen and I)

From: James Forsyth (james@bigbeing.com.au)
Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 04:13:00 EDT

Maurice A. O'Sullivan wrote:

>1.You don't like the man, and you don't know how to spell his name;
>there is an eminent astrophysicist by the name of Stephen W. Hawking
>2. This has absolutely nothing to do with B-GREEK
>and I wish you would stop wasting bandwidth propagating your prejudices.

My response (and I'm happy to end this here):

1. (a) You make an assertion that I don't like the man. This is untrue,
and I think if you read my post you'd understand my surprise at you taking
it this way.
(b) I spelled his name incorrectly and acknowledged the likelihood of this
in my first post. The fact that I've seen him on television a few times by
no means would indicate that I'm an expert.

2. (a) You assert once again that this has nothing to do with b-greek. It
may be nothing to do with Biblical Greek, and I grant you that, but my post
was intended to specifically reflect on the way people on this mailing list
communicate with one another.
(b) You say I am propagating prejudices. Against who? The Irish? I
certainly didn't pick that up in Stephen's accent.

James Forsyth

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