[b-greek] Re: Heb.1:8

From: Eric Sowell (bradyman@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 02:25:05 EDT


>>However, I have a question regarding the Greek of this
>verse. By my reading QEOS is in the Nominative Case
>and has a Nominative article. How is it possible to
>translate it as a vocative? I have always been given
>to understand that there is no vocative article, that
>is, that vocatives cannot take an article.

>David Thiele
>Pacific Adventist University

QEOS is indeed in the nominative case; you are not mistaken. However, there
is a syntactical category called the "nominative for vocative" (Wallace,
"Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics, 56) or the "nominative instead of
vocative" (BDF, 81). In a nutshell, what has happened as the language
changed is that the nominative was beginning to be used in place of the
vocative (see BDF, 81, section 147), which is what some will say is
happening here.

I don't know if the vocative case form ever occurs with the article, but the
nominative for vocative does (for possible examples -- Mark 5:8; Luke 8:54;
John 19:3; Eph 5:22; John 20:28).

Eric Sowell
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