[b-greek] The closing of Heb 1:8: a preemptive strike

From: CEP7@aol.com
Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 20:51:47 EDT

I noticed that the Heb 1:8 strike was closed after one reply. The question
mainly concerned the use of the nominative, including the nominative for the
vocative, and most of the responses basically stuck to that issue without
straying into the theological implications of the various uses. It seems that
it was closed because it had the potential for straying into theological
discussion, not because it actually did so (apart from a brief note here and
there). This has the potential of sending the message that any topic
concerning Greek language and syntax that may have theological implications
(e.g., John 1:1, Titus 2:13; 1 Tim 2:4-6, 12; 2 Tim 3:16) should now be
avoided altogether. I'm well aware that these passages can stray into the
theological, but IMHO a warning concerning such discussions should be issued
before preemptively closing the thread.

Charles E. Powell, Ph.D.
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