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<< this....And He is the head of that which is characterized by the body, the
 assembly...who is " the one with whom we have to do(ARCH) >>


ARCH is used together with PRWTOTKOS and PRWTEUWN. All of these seem quite
capable of relating to that which is *first*. In this case, the first raised
from the dead to a new life of immortality. That is why he is the "head" of
the congregation.

However, I have no problem with the sense of "ruler" here. As I said before,
ARCH does often mean "ruler" in the NT when used with terms denoting power
and authority. In this case, the use of KEPHALH provides that same element.
And, as I also said with respect to the meaning of ARCH, when it means
"ruler" it is never followed by a genitive expression in the NT.

There appear to be clearly unmarked uses for ARCH in the NT, with ARCWN being
used to mean "ruler" when followed by a genitive, and ARCH meaning "ruler"
when accompanied by other terms denoting power and authority.

Still, the sense of "beginning" fits quite well in Col. 1:18, together with
the temporal sense of PRWTOTOKOS and the idea of Christ being "first in all

Greg Stafford

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