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Date: Sun May 20 2001 - 17:28:41 EDT

Thayer defines EPIGINWSKW as "to know thoroughly, to know accurately." BDAG gives "know exactly, completely, through and through," noting that this is "with the prep. making its influence felt." Perhaps many translators do not or cannot distinguish just when 'the preposition is meant to make its influence felt.'

It would seem that some translations ignore the influence of epi-; others defer subjectively to context; and a careful one might translate the term EPIGNWSIS consistently as "exact knowledge" or "accurate knowledge."

Solomon Landers

charlesblack@talk21.com wrote:

> Dear B-Greekers
> I have a question regarding the translation of EPIGNWSKO which I believe occurs 20 in the GNT.
> How would any of you translate it? Most lexicons say that it is a 'strengthened' form of GNWSKO yet few English translations(I have in mind the more literal ones such as the NASB)make any distinction between them. Some translations/translators do(some like C.B.Williams translates "*full* knowledge" rather than just "knowledge"-NAS)but not always/consistently so.
> Sincerely yours
> Charles Black
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