[b-greek] Intermediate Grammars

From: Kenneth Litwak (javajedi2@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue May 22 2001 - 14:00:22 EDT

  I'm sure this is a common, and difficult to answer
question, but I'll ask anyway. What would be the
recommendation for an intermediate grammar for NT
Greek? I've got advanced grammars like BDF, but they
aren't helpful I think for learning the concpts. BDF,
in fact, I find rather unhelpful at times, as it
assumes knowledge that I might not have. I've also
read Porter's Idioms book. I'm lookng for a good
intermediate grammar. I"ve gotten comments from Carl
lately about what a second year student ought to
recognize. Whehter it's not in Dana nad Mantey, or my
prof didn't care, a lot of the things that Carl thinks
are covered in a second year Greek class weren't in
mine, like discussions of the possible signficnce of
word order, or adverbial clauses or conditionals.


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