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Date: Thu May 24 2001 - 18:40:16 EDT

Thayer's has an explanation for comp. on page XXI ("= compound, compounded, etc.")
and at the end of that page says "Other abbreviations will, it is hoped, explain
themselves." Well, maybe. Judging by the context of the entries you cited, prop. is
perhaps "properly," term. is "terminology," Trop. ? Maybe "tropism"?

Thayer's, while a handy resource, is quite old -- April, 1889. Hendrickson's edition
is a reprint, not an update or revision. You might want to consider the new BDAG (_A
Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature_, 3rd
edition, 2000), or the lexicon by Liddell and Scott (revised supplement, 1996).

Solomon Landers

Kevin Buchs wrote:

> Hello,
> I am a Greek Student who desires to grow in my knowledge but don't have much
> time. I will from time to time reference my Thayer Lexicon (The New
> Thayer's Greek-English Lexion; Hendrickson; copyright Jay P. Green, Sr.) and
> find I am frustrated by abbreviations that are not given in the Explanations
> and Abbreviations (pages XVIII-XIX). Has anyone composed a list of
> additional abbreviations for this book?
> Here are some examples:
> Abbreviation Where it occurs
> ------------- ----------------
> com. page 554, #4405
> trop. / prop. page 527, #4165 and page 423, #3498
> term. page 445, #3664
> I am also wanting to expand my web of knowledge. This lexicon gives grammar
> references to Winer and Buttmann. Would anyone recommend trying to get
> these books so the specific chapter/page references can be followed? It
> looks like they are translated into English but I am not sure if they are so
> old that there are not current copies available for purchase or if they are
> antiquated in some way in the content.
> Thanks for your help.
> Kevin Buchs

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