[b-greek] But what about the preposition-Genitive

From: virgilsalvage1 (virgilsalvage1@msn.com)
Date: Fri May 25 2001 - 02:16:33 EDT

Dear Randall and all,

  Please excuse and bear with the extra post. An important thought I forgot
to include concerning the "long" extrapolation of the indication of the
genitive case to " apples. " If it is true, that is, real, what I am
proposing concerning the indication of the genitive speaking not only of
"kind", but the process behind it. The Greek would not have needed this long
explanation as he or she would have been holding the concept in their mind
and it would have responded to the semantic or written signal of the
genitive with an immediate apprehension, comprehension, and application of
it's indication.
   Much like if I refer to something as substantial and as having as much
import as say...."The Constitution of the United States of America."
............I would presume that immediately there would be any number of
items, concepts, even emotions that would spring into the mind without them
having to be enumerated. Such I claim, from some now forming impressions,
was and is the genitive case in the Greek language. It instantly signaled to
the Greek reader or hearer certain indications identifying something or
someone with not only what or who it was, but also the content, the
processes, history and significance of all those matters that led up to and
of course produced that noun in the genitive case and what it referred to.

 An example...Eph 3:17 EPIGNWSEI AUTOU....the reality that knowledge as an
idea, a concept and then a reality has been sent through Him and He has been
sent through it, exchanging and interacting in a real way, resulting in Paul
praying that the knowledge we might be provided would be the knowledge "(
genitive AUTOU..knowledge now characterized by Him.)" This is not knowledge
from Him, not about Him, nor concerning some part of Him (although surely
all those are included) but it is knowledge that is characterized ....by
Him. Paul was surely speaking legitimately when he wrote..." when Christ who
"is" our life shall appear. Col 3:4a

Some thoughts...

Virgil Newkirk
Salt Lake City, Utah

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