[b-greek] Re: Acts 2:38

From: Michael Markey (mike_mikie@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri May 25 2001 - 20:23:10 EDT

--- "Matthew R. Miller" <biblicalscribe@hotmail.com>
> It is my understanding that the phrase "eis aphesin
> twn hamartiwn" in Acts
> 2:38 must be translated "unto the remission of your
> sins" or similar (a
> prepositional phrase of result), and that it simply
> cannot be translated
> "because of the remission of your sins" or similar
> (a prepositional phrase
> of cause). The reason I understand this is because
> "eis" is used rather
> than "hoti", and that "aphesin" is in the accusative
> case, the accusative
> indicating direction towards. If the meaning is
> "because of" then "hoti"
> plus the genetive case would have been used. I
> would like any and all
> input on my understanding of the translation of this
> verse, as well as any
> and all grammatically parallel New Testament verses.
> Thanks!
> Matthew R. Miller

Matthew I think you are right.

For parallels (although I don't know if they are of
the type you were asking for), how about Mark 1:4,
Luke 3:3, Acts 19:4, etc.


Michael Markey

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