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Date: Sun May 27 2001 - 01:07:10 EDT

<HTML><FONT FACE=arial,helvetica>In a message dated 5/26/2001 3:42:45 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
<BR>Wayne_Leman@SIL.ORG writes:
<BR>&gt;&gt;----- Original Message -----
<BR>&gt;&gt;From: "Ted Mann" &lt;theomann@earthlink.net&gt;
<BR>&gt;&gt; Is it entirely unreasonable to translate this as: "Repent... and be
<BR>&gt;&gt; baptized... into [i.e., into the condition of] the forgiveness of
<BR>&gt;Wouldn't that require an EN, Ted?
<BR>&gt;And then, unfortunately, this ordinary English speaker (me) can't understand
<BR>&gt;that wording any better than the others suggested here on the list. I want
<BR>&gt;to be able to understand the meaning of the Greek phrasing from an
<BR>&gt;appropriate English translation. It is supposed to be possible, according to
<BR>&gt;translation theory.
<BR>&gt;Thanks for your suggestion,
<BR>I mostly just lurk because I have no formal training in Greek or in
<BR>translation theory. &nbsp;However, as someone with some training in cognitive
<BR>psychology as regards natural language understanding, I have been fascinated
<BR>by the various threads on this list. &nbsp;Part of the difficulty in providing an
<BR>"appropriate English translation" that explains the Greek phrasing for me
<BR>(apart from struggling with the Greek), and maybe for others as well, is the
<BR>reluctance to stray "too far" from the Greek text. &nbsp;While a paraphrase like
<BR>The Message is, for me, just too much stream of consciousness, I do not
<BR>believe a word for word translation is possible.
<BR>But back to the phrase at hand. &nbsp;I might begin with the somewhat literal:
<BR>"... for the forgiveness of sins."
<BR>However, that is not entirely satisfactory. &nbsp;In looking up EIS in my copy of
<BR>Bauer, Arndt, Gingrich, they make reference to Philemon 1:6 where they
<BR>suggest that EIS CRISTON IHSOUN (hope I have that right) probably should be
<BR>translated "in honor of Christ Jesus." &nbsp;I take this to be similar to saying
<BR>in English, when planning to do something noble, "I am going to do this for
<BR>my mother." &nbsp;That is, in honor of, or because of, my mother.
<BR>So I might take "... for the forgiveness of sins" to mean
<BR>"in honor of the forgiveness of sins", or
<BR>"because of the forgiveness of sins"
<BR>That is, we are to be baptized because our sins are forgiven. &nbsp;And that is
<BR>probably enough of my stream of consciousness.
<BR>Dan Nordlund</FONT>
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