[b-greek] Re: the intent of Mk. 14:38

From: Glenn Blank (glennblank@earthlink.net)
Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 17:20:35 EDT

>I might add to my own note that the theme of the disciples going over to
>generation" is emphasized immediately after the "sign" testing story in Mk.
8:14 and
>through out the story of the dispute about bread in Mk 8:14-21. There the
>are accused of taking on the characteristics that are noted as belonging to
>outside in Mk. 4:11-12.
No question, that Jesus throughout Mark warns the disciples against taking
on the characteristics of "this generation." But the question remains as to
how "this generation" gets connected to the wilderness generation.

Regarding your apology for sending three copies of this post, we all know
that repetition is the best teacher :) or, if you can't convince'em, say
it again <g>

with Kind Regards,
glenn blank

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