[b-greek] Re: the intent of Mk. 14:38

From: Jeffrey B. Gibson (jgibson000@home.com)
Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 22:27:31 EDT

Glenn Blank wrote:

> >I might add to my own note that the theme of the disciples going over to
> "this
> >generation" is emphasized immediately after the "sign" testing story in Mk.
> 8:14 and
> >through out the story of the dispute about bread in Mk 8:14-21. There the
> disciples
> >are accused of taking on the characteristics that are noted as belonging to
> those
> >outside in Mk. 4:11-12.
> >
> No question, that Jesus throughout Mark warns the disciples against taking
> on the characteristics of "this generation." But the question remains as to
> how "this generation" gets connected to the wilderness generation.

I suggest you look at E. Lovestamm's work on "This Generation in the Teaching of
Jesus". Plenty of evidence there to show that in first century Judaism "this
generation" was a cipher for the wilderness generation or that of the unbelieving
"dor" of the flood.



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