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Date: Fri Jun 01 2001 - 15:55:54 EDT

on 6/1/01 11:04 AM, c stirling bartholomew wrote:

> Both the Eerdmans Critical Commentary and Baker Exegetical series look like
> they are targeted at the English Bible Student. Again, there is nothing
> wrong with this as long as they are explicit about it. The only point in
> bringing this up here on b-greek is that someone might purchase one of these
> books "blind" thinking they were going to get something like the classical
> ICC books (Plummer, Sandy & Hedlam, etc.) and be very disappointed when they
> started using them.

Just so no one will think I am falsely accusing Eerdmans let me point out (I
just found this) that Eerdmans is actually very up front about the intended
readership for this series, and it is clearly English Bible Students, here
is a quote from them on the series:

 The Eerdmans Critical Commentary provides expert
insight into the entire biblical text, including its background, its
contemporary interpretation, and its application. Written by leading
authorities from a broad range of confessional backgrounds, these volumes
each include the authorıs own translation, critical notes, and commentary on
literary, historical, cultural, and theological aspects of the text.
Accessible to serious general readers and scholars alike, these commentaries
reflect the contributions of recent textual, philological, literary,
historical, and archaeological inquiry, benefiting as well from newer
methodological approaches. ECC volumes are ³critical" in terms of their
detailed, systematic explanation of the biblical text. Although exposition
is based on the original and cognate languages, English translations provide
complete access to the discussion and interpretation of these primary

****end quote****

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