[b-greek] BDAG review

From: Daniel Riaño (danielrr@retemail.es)
Date: Sat Jun 02 2001 - 05:27:52 EDT

        You can read a fairly complete (and positive) review of
Danker et al. BDAG by Jerker Blomqvist at

BTW, if you receive the mail edition of the BM Classical Reviews and
would like to see the Greek text in Greek characters, you may be
interested in a small application I wrote that does this. If you are
interested in the program (which is free), read the following text
and you can write to me off list; otherwise you should skip it.

This text is a patchwork from very old (5 years or so) and new texts,
and it explains what is and what does my program "SMK<>SGreek".

I have written a Hyper Card stack that allows the user to transform
the Greek text within a document from the SMK (GreekKeys) key design
to the design of the Linguist's Software fonts (SuperGreek, Graeca,
etc.) and vice versa. The application, called "SMK<>SGreek"
transforms only the Greek text written with the font chosen by the
user, and leaves the rest of the text and document properties
unchanged. It works with documents created by virtually any
commercial Mac word processor (MacWrite, WordPerfect, Nisus, MSWord
3, 4, 5 y 6 at least). It is certainly not the best piece of software
you've seen, nor the fastest, but it does the job.
The application was written for private use, but since it may be of
interest to some list members, I can send it to any one who may need
it. The program is, of course, completely free, and can be copied and
re-distributed to other users. For them I have tried to do the
interface as simple as possible.

        I have used my very old "SMK<>SGreek" stack to implement a
facility that converts the text files of the BMR to RTF files (almost
any word processor can read them), and converts the Greek characters
in beta code to any of the Greek fonts of the SMK or Linguist's
Software format.

        To use "SMK<>SGreek" you need a mac computer (I guess any mac
will do) with system 7 or later. You need also a copy of HyperCard or
the free HyperCard player. If you are using Pandora, you already have
HyperCard. If you don't have HyperCard, you can download the free
HyperCard player from here:

(this is good also to run Pandora)

To transform BMR messages into Greek-friendly files, you just have to:

        a) Save the BMR review as a text file (use "Save as..." from
your mail program).
        b) Open your copy of "SMK<>SGreek"
        c) Choose "BMR Beta Code" from the "Fuente de Origen" button
on the top left
        d) Click the "Documento de Origen" button, and choose the
text file you just saved. If the window is not open in the same
folder where you saved it, log your way through your hard disk.
        e) Click the "age" button on the bottom.

        In a few seconds, you are done.

        When the operation is finished, you can click the "abrir"
button of the prompt window, to have your word processor open the
document. For the program to know where in your hard disk is your
word processor, the first time you click the "abrir" button you'll be
asked to tell the "SMK<>SGreek" the location of it ("Indique dónde
está su procesador de textos").

        You can select the default Latin font of your choice at the
"help/ayuda" card with the "Fuente Latina" popup button.

        Previous experiences have proven me that this very paragraph
is just rhetorical, but if somebody find any bug, please report it to
me, and I'll do my best to debug it.


Daniel Riaño Rufilanchas
Madrid, España

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