[b-greek] Re: S O S....N.T. Greek Course--From Sev. wks ago

From: Michael Haggett (michaelhaggett@lineone.net)
Date: Sat Jun 02 2001 - 06:31:59 EDT

Richard wrote (2 June)

Several weeks ago an Englishman of forgotten name, gave the website for his
on line N.T. Greek course. I made it a favorite place but our AOL
connections had problems and we lost all of our saved favorite places. Can
anyone on the list give that site to me again?


If it's me you're thinking of Wayne did give the right address (thanks).
However a simpler way of remembering it is:

www.ntgreek.com or www.nt-greek.com

And - just for the record - I'm Welsh. The English are very nice, of course,
but ... different ;-)
"British" is a good description, too!

Michael Haggett

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