[b-greek] Greek Software Recommendations

From: Marty A. Cauley (mdcauley@aol.com)
Date: Sat Jun 02 2001 - 10:42:41 EDT

Hi All,

I would like to do a search on EMPROSTHEN in relation to BEMA in all Greek
literature (Pseudepigrapha, etc.). I get tired of seeing references to
various texts in Ardnt-Gingrich lexicon and not having access to those
texts. For example, my English copy of the Sibylline Oracles will not
suffice for my needs.

I would like software (and/or web site) that would allow me to search all
Greek literature for the root occurrence of the Greek word(s) in question
and display English translations with Greek text. Do you have any

At a different level, my ten year old son is interested in Greek. Any
suggestions as to good software/books? As for that matter, would learning
modern Greek be helpful in learning biblical Greek?

Marty A. Cauley [Moderator's note: new list-members PLEASE take
note that full-signatures to messages are called for by list-protocol.]

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