[b-greek] Re: Matt 6:11 EPIOUSIOS

From: Jeffrey B. Gibson (jgibson000@home.com)
Date: Sat Jun 02 2001 - 13:28:09 EDT

Steve Puluka wrote:

> In the Lord's prayer EPIOUSIOS is commonly translated "Daily Bread". Danker
> in the new BAGD notes that Origen is very likely correct in saying the word
> is coined by the evangelists and does not occur outside Christian
> literature.
> But recently, I was told that EPIOUSIOS was used to refer to military
> rations in Classical Greek. Is any one aware of any usage of EPIOUSIOS
> outside Christian literature?

The answer seems to be no. Claims are made that it appears in a fifth century CE
papyrus (see F. Preisgke, _Sammelbuch greichischen Urkunden aus Agypten_ 1.5224:20]
where it is the equivalent of the Latin *diaria* = daily ration), but the papyrus has
been lost and is no longer accessible for checking the accuracy of the transcription
and the original publisher (A. Sayce) was, as Fitzmyer notes, notorious for misreading
and mis transcribing texts.

For an assessment of the instantiation of EPIOUSIOUS, see B.M. Metzger, "How Many
Times Does "Eiousious" Occur outside The Lord's Prayer?", ExpTimes 69 (1957-58) 52-54.

Also see the bibliography that Fitmyer has drawn up on the term in his _Luke X-XXIV_,


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