[b-greek] Re: Luke 23:43 - the punctuation of the verse

From: GregStffrd@aol.com
Date: Mon Jun 04 2001 - 01:33:42 EDT

In a message dated 06/03/2001 8:10:34 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
dwashbur@nyx.net writes:

<< ??? I thought the original hand of B didn't use any punctuation or
 diacritical marks (accents etc.)?
 Dave Washburn >>

Dear Dave:

That is a common misunderstanding, but early papyri and some of the Uncial
codexes use both. Though many reference works do not seem to read the actual
manuscripts and therefore make themselves susceptible to these views, some
grammars, like Blass-Debrunner and others, are more reliable. Of course, I
have viewed numerous papyri and Codex B on microfilm, so I speak from
first-hand exposure to the texts in question.

The original hand of B used punctuation, and so did the later copyist. The
color of the ink will tell you which is which, though the later copyist may
have also traced over some of the original marks.

Best regards,

Greg Stafford

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