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From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Tue Jun 05 2001 - 06:33:50 EDT

At 2:01 PM -0700 6/4/01, c stirling bartholomew wrote:
>In MK 14:41 we find what looks like a one word clause APECEI.
>R.H. Gundry (Mark, Eerdmans 1993) suggests that APECEI in MK 14:41is to be
>taken in the same sense as APECEI in MK 7:6 which is a quote from ISA 29:13
>LXX. Gundry suggests that Mark is depicting the spatial movement of hO
>PARADIDOUS from a relatively distant location, i.e. APECEI, to a relatively
>near location HGGIKEN. He further suggests that APECEI has some explanatory
>force in relation to the ironic KAQEUDTE TO LOIPON . . . , in other words,
>you can continue nodding out because he has not arrived yet and is still at
>a distance.
>I have a few problems with this. One is the proximity of APECEI to HGGIKEN.
>If Mark is depicting spatial movement, he is putting it into a very small
>textual package. In one breath hO PARADIDOUS is far away and in the next
>breath he is HGGIKEN.
>There are of course numerous other attempts at explaining APECEI in this

My own sense is that this is an idiomatic usage of APECEI in the sense,
"it's far enough" = "it's okay." In English we may say, "so far, so good."
In German I think it's something like "es ist so weit" (but I'm not really
quite sure that's right.)

Louw & Nida
59.47 APECW: to mark the point at which the duration of a state or process
is enough - 'to be enough, to be sufficient.' KAQEUDETE TO LOIPON KAI
ANAPAUESQE: APECEI 'are you still sleeping and resting? Enough!' Mk 14:41.
In a number of languages the equivalent of 'enough!' would be 'that is the
end' or 'you must stop sleeping now.'


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