[b-greek] Re: Phil 2:2, why TO AUTO accusative?

From: Mike Sangrey (msangrey@BlueFeltHat.org)
Date: Wed Jun 06 2001 - 12:59:09 EDT

Dave Washburn <dwashbur@nyx.net> said:
> BAGD translates it "think the same thing" which is similar to the way
> I've always understood it; idiomatically I'd translate it "be of the
> same mind." Acts 28:22 uses a similar construction (with hA) as do
> some other passages.

OK, but why? Why did BAGD chose TO AUTO as accusative and not nominative?

I don't mean to be disrespectful of BAGD, but even the greatest of experts
must support their conclusions. Actually, in my book, the greatest of
experts DO support their conclusions. <smile>
Mike Sangrey
Landisburg, Pa.
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