[b-greek] Mt. 2:6: A novice's question

From: Ted Mann (theomann@earthlink.net)
Date: Tue Jun 12 2001 - 13:31:13 EDT

(Mt. 2:6): The NASB translates hHGOUMENOS as "Ruler," and the KJV reads
"Governor" (note the caps), giving the impression, it seems to me, that
hHGOUMENOS is a title or a position. On the other hand, the NIV and NRSV
use "ruler," which emphasizes function rather than station. Since
hHGOUMENOS is a participial form (middle) of the verb hHGEOMAI, shouldn't it
be translated as "one who rules," or something similar? Does the fact that
it is used substantivally imply a title? In other words, why do the NASB
and KJV capitalize this term?

With appreciation.

Dr. Theodore H. Mann

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